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Mirasung Educational Trust, Miraj founded on 18th May 2022 by Mr. Akib B. Momin. The trust number is E-0002487(SNG) and registration under Bombay Public Act, 1950. The core objectives of this trust is to incubate excellent leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creator, problem solver and many more under right educational platform. This education delivered under physical classroom, schools, colleges and digital technology based solutions. Student should learn and aware of literacy, numeracy, technocracy, nationalism, human dignity, sanitary habits and cooperative spirit. The great vision of founder is to establish Mirasung Educational Hub in Miraj-Sangli. The core objectives of educational hub is to make great leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators mind set under innovation labs, skill development labs and international exposure.

What We Do

To establish Mirasung Educational Hub in Miraj-Sangli. The core objectives of educational hub is to incubate great leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators, problem solvers and self dependent personalities.

Establish digital educational platform i.e. Digital Classroom (DClass).
Establish preschools, primary schools.
Establish skill development centers.
Organize exhibitions, public events, conferences and awarness programs.
Organize award winning programs.
Organize international exposure programs.

Founder's Message

Education is the big assets to achieve anything in your life. Define your desired purpose of life and go ahead by small steps. Journey of excellence is a part of failures, depressions, social barriers and many more so that keep moving. Always work in positive attitude and positive environment. All great achievements require efforts, patience, persistence and perspiration in your work.

Mr. Akib B. Momin

Founder and Chairman, Mirasung Educational Trust
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Digital Classroom (DClass)

Mirasung educational team has delivered digital education. Digital classroom (DClass) is the smart way of digital platform and technology during delivery of knowledge. Empowring the use of digital technology that helps to learner development in creativity, innovation, problem solving ability and many more.


They Understand the Importance of Building Community

Effective school leaders build and sustain reciprocal family and community partnerships and leverage those partnerships to cultivate inclusive, caring and culturally responsive school communities.

To build these community networks it is essential that school leaders are visible in their schools and community, develop trust and create a sense of transparency and shared purpose with parents, staff, community members and students.

  • Teachers are motivated and willing to try new strategies because they trust leaders to support them.
  • Students are motivated and connected to the school because they trust their teachers.
  • Families are supportive because the principal and teachers have built trusting relationships with them.

They Empower Teachers and Cultivate Leadership Skills

Great school leaders know that they are not running a one-man show; that they cannot do it all alone. They know that they must surround themselves with great teachers and colleagues and, not only that, they must fully support teachers and staff by encouraging them to continually learn, develop and, perhaps most important, become leaders themselves.

  • Through offering professional development opportunities and support services to teachers
  • Teachers are able to experiment, innovate and lead, principals can ensure a healthy environment for educators that will have positive repercussions for students.
  • It is no secret that when people are fulfilled and given opportunity for career growth, as well as autonomy and control over their careers.

They Utilize Data and Resources

Successful school leaders use data, including standardized and school-based assessments, to drive continuous improvement through site-based decision-making for the express purpose of promoting equitable and culturally responsive opportunities for all students. The opportunities that data present are many and the most effective leaders are able to leverage that data to make strategic decisions to benefit their students.

They Have a Vision and a Plan

The very best leaders are also visionaries. They have a goal that they can unite a team around and a plan to help them get there. Not just that, but they are able to clearly articulate their school vision and goals. Vision is perhaps one of the most important qualities a leader can have as it provides momentum and direction, not just for the team leader but for each and every team member. Of course, in order for leaders to be successful in pursuing their vision and enacting their plan, they must pair their vision with unrelenting passion. Vision and passion from an effective leader should generate inspiration, motivation and excitement that permeates throughout the school.

They Create Collaborative, Inclusive Learning Environments

Inclusive learning provides all students with access to flexible learning choices and effective paths for achieving educational goals in spaces where they experience a sense of belonging. The best educators know this and prioritize inclusivity, creating safe learning environments that nurture every student. Leaders that prioritize inclusive learning also typically believe that every person can contribute to the greater learning community and therefore they encourage collaboration between faculty as well as students.

They Are Passionate About Their Work

Passion is a critical ingredient for nearly anyone who wants to be successful and happy in their job. But passion is especially important for school leaders, who typically have a great influence on their school’s climate and culture. Passionate people have a contagious energy that can greatly affect teacher satisfaction and drive as well as student performance. “All the knowledge in the world can’t make a good leader: It’s the care for the work and the people who collaborate with you that makes the difference,” wrote Forbes. This is in large part because people want to follow a passionate leader. Someone who cares about not only the cause for which he or she is working, but also the other people who are involved in the effort. Passion for the projects, for the company and for the people involved are key to successful leadership.

Our Services

The core objectives of Mirasung Educational Trust is to deliver quality, future oriented, skill oriented and applied education to learners. This education delivered under physical classroom, schools, colleges, digital technology.

Digital Education

The core objectives of digital education is to enhance quality education, conceptual clarity and to develop self-learning ability. As per neural science, mind works and think in imagination, visualization and practical approach better than text books.

Smart Pre School

The neural brain of child is fast grow and learn at the age of 2 to 5 years. In that age child will adapt/learn new things. In that objective deliver fundamental, core and applied methodologies to child in preschool.

Smart Primary School

Most of the leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, creators and successful people’s journey started from right education at the primary school. Primary school is the foundation and journey of excellence.

Skill/Applied Education

Skills is the unique features of every human being. Student must be developed a ability of right skill for right solutions. In this objective, trust will delivered skill based education, applied education, industrial education.

Exhibition Programs

Student required new education, technology and innovations exposure available in the world. Student will grow by adaptive approach. In this objectives, trust will organized national, state and district level exhibition programs.

Award Winning Programs

Students, learners, start-ups, innovators and creators required courage, support to grow exponentially in his/her field. Trust will organized annual award winning programs to all achievers, creators, innovators during academic year.

Mahamadqais I. Dhatture

Student, ADCET

I express my gratitude towards Mirasung Educational Trust, Miraj for enabling me to establish a firm groundwork in engineering, refine my technical proficiencies, and offer me an internship opportunity where I can put my knowledge and skills to practical use.

Pratik P. Pattanshetti

Student, ADCET

MET Miraj is true to what it claims when it comes to a student-centric approach. The trainer team helped me a lot during the placement drive. The teachers were helpful and responded to me all my queries. I am grateful for my experience here.

Rajesh S. More

Student, ADCET

My experience at Mirasung Educational Trust, Miraj has been a pleasant one right from the beginning. During placements, the coordinator was extremely helpful and helped me streamline the whole process smoothly. There was guidance provided at every step.

Sanket S. Suryawanshi

Student, ADCET

I am really Grateful for the training cell to provide me this opportunity and supporting me during my placement interviews. I was able to attend interview for many good marketing based companies and had a chance to meet and interact with people with good influence.

Shivani S. Mokashi

Student, ADCET

I would like to thank Mirasung Educational Trust, Miraj for the incredible help and support throughout my applications. Not only do they offer a large variety of placements, they also look for a suitable match.

Frequently Asked Questions

This F.A.Q is based educational services under Mirasung Educational Trust.

Yes, Mirasung educational trust found Mirasung institute of skill development for beginners or graduate students.

Distance education occurs when a student and an instructor are in different places. Learning occurs by mail, telephone, internet, or by other means.

Yes. To download Mirasung DClass App for online distance learning programs.

Contact to Mirasung Educational Trust team or team will be send latest notification on Mirasung DClass App.

Attend the Mirasung educational center's. Then, when you arrive on campus, attend all orientation meetings scheduled at our institute.


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Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Inauguration of Mirasung Institute of Skill Development

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Workshop on Emerging Trends in CS and IT - LESP, Sangli

Our Team

When people work together, they can create something greater than themselves as individuals.

Mr. Akib B. Momin

Founder and Chairman

Mr. Mahamadsalik B. Momin

Trustee and CFO

Mr. Mahamadali S. Momin

Board of Advisor

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